"Joy in looking and comprehending is nature's most beautiful gift."

Albert Einstein

About me

[Ingrid Joustra 1964] I'm Dutch by origin, or so they say. However my heart is deeply connected to the island of Bali where I try to spend most of my time. Living in a small valley I am privileged to experience the beauty of Balinese nature everyday through my own eyes. Stylising patterns and striking colour combinations are my signature style, I believe it sets my artwork apart and communicates my characteristics, style and values.


FYI: 'Naga' is Indonesian for dragon and I'm a dragon lady.


for European purchases: If you are interested in purchasing one of my artprints, a number of my works are available on www.werkaandemuur.nl. These are available on a range of materials: aluminium dibond, canvas, wood or Xpozer, to name a few. Click on the link below.

Personal service

I am also happy to offer a personal service, this can be done directly through this website. The prices mentioned are 'base prices' all depending on the size and quality canvas you choose. Maximum size is 145 x 200 cm. Please send an email with your request.


Bespoke artprints

I often work on a commission basis creating very special artprints.   I combine your ideas, colour wishes and add my own artistic signature to communicate the characteristics, values and style of your new artprint.


Material [personal service]

All prints are printed on quality cotton canvas [medium and heavy weight]. I use only non-toxic [and non-fading] inks printed and shipped from Indonesia.


Shipping [personal service]

To keep shipping cost to a reasonable level, your artprint will not be framed. However, if you need help to choose a frame maker in your area, I'm happy to be of assistance.



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