about materials used

The art prints are printed on PolyCanvas or CanvasLynna. A mix of polyester and cotton with a rough texture, doff color printing, thick fiber and strong. A material that allows the printed colors to be bright and the image will not fade. [Note: Like with any work of art it is not adviced to display the print to continuous bright sunlight]

Heavy canvas [PolyCanvas]

Personally the heavy canvas is my choice of material for the artprints. It feels solid, firm and elegant.

Medium canvas [CanvasLynna]

CanvasLynna has a similar stucture to Polycanvas, doff color printing but is a lighter and more flexibel material.

Image continues over the frame sides

When you recieve your artprint, it will be bigger than the size you ordered: 5 cm on each side allowing the image to continue over the frame sides. There are crop marks on the print for framing guidance.


 pillowcases medium canvas

All pillowcases are printed on medium canvas. This allows me to use a normal sewing machine and it's still sturdy|robust enough. The standard size throw pillowcase fits a 40 x 40cm pillow. The finished size of the case will be approximately 39 x 39 cm, allowing to fit your pillow tightly, enhancing the design. If you wish a different size, please specify in the message section of your order form.


There are 2 options for finishing:

 with zipper

A standard finishing of most pillowcases. The zipper color will match the printdesign.

Please specify ZIP in your order form.

 folding pillowcase

A real easy way to cover your throw pillows with a beautiful cover! The split backside overlaps more than enough to keep your pillow beautiful on both sides.

Please specify FOLD in your order form.